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Florida Voices for Animals

Florida Voices for Animals is a non-profit 501(c)3 charity that promotes animal rights by educating the public on how to make compassionate choices to reduce the suffering of animals.

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Vultures are spectacular and important!

UPDATE: As of 3/14/22, the CDD-USDA collaboration is shooting off fireworks twice daily to scare away
vultures from the Westchase Community island in the back of Stonebridge in Tampa. They planned to
shoot any vultures that remain after 2 weeks, but our understanding is that they may have already
begun. PLEASE help us stop this tragedy NOW. See more details at the bottom of this flyer.

Here’s why you want to protect them, not harm them.

There are two species of vultures that live in this area, Turkey vultures (Cathartes aura) and Black vultures (Coragyps atratus). They are both incredibly beautiful birds and form wonderful family groups that are valuable and beneficial to our community.
Vultures can live to be 25 years old and are monogamous and will
stay with their partner for many years, sometimes for life.
The loyal pair are excellent parents and will defend their nest,
eggs, and young vigorously. Interestingly, these vultures build their
nests on the ground in stumps, thickets, brush piles, or hollow
trees. Vultures prefer to nest away from humans but given limited
habitat space they will make do with what is available.
Baby vultures are fed by their parents for up to 8 months, and the
entire family develops strong bonds. Large communal roosts are
common, where relatives can gather to meet up.

Vultures are nesting right now, as are other shorebird species that are using an island in Westchase. The babies will starve to death in the heat without their parents to care for them.

These birds are not considered attractive or “pretty” to most people. Regardless, vultures are incredibly important to the environment because they eat dead animals that most other predators can’t stomach. Eliminating the rotting meat helps stop the spread of tuberculosis, rabies, and other communicable diseases! We need that right now!!!

We have taken most of their available nesting space for development. They are literally finding themselves with no place to nest. That Westchase island is an ideal location, so scaring them off and killing them is futile and temporary. We need to come up with solutions so that we can all co-exist together. Please help us by spreading awareness so that no more babies die.

Please contact the following to express your opposition to
this horrific attack on vultures immediately!
  • Main Contact: Parker Hall, USDA APHIS, Florida Wildlife Services State Director, (573) 449-3033,
  • Copy to: Tonya Espinosa, USDA APHIS, Public Affairs Specialist,
       (301) 851-4092,

FVA New Mask is available!


This is a two-layer cotton blend, black mask with adjustable ear loops and bendable nose plate with left side logo. Masks can be gotten for a suggested donation of $10 with a $2 donation for shipping.

FVA Anti-Horse Racing Billboard!

Location: E  Hillsborough Ave & S Racetrack Rd, Tampa


FVA Anti-Puppy Mill Billboard!

Location: On Dale Mabry South-bound past Bearss Ave, Tampa


FVA T-Shirts

Every purchase helps FVA raise needed funds, and every purchase gets you an awesome animal rights T-shirt which you can wear to FVA tablings, events and all around town! 

Suggested Donation: $15

Shipping per shirt: $5

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inFURno! is a new iOs application that helps consumers identify and purchase cruelty free products quicker and easier than ever before. It is now available in the App Store and on iTunes for Phone 5’s and above as well as for iPads. In addition to supplying users with animal testing policy data, inFURno! has many added features built in that satisfy today’s consumer’s crave for social media, cost savings, and easy to access directions.

With inFURno’s Facebook integration, users can see which friends are purchasing specific brands, see what retailers carry recommended animal friendly brands, and even get directions to the nearest retailer location with a Google Maps integration.  In addition to these fun features, inFURno! also offers mobile coupons to users and will track users progress in cruelty free buying with highlighted colors. Buying animal friendly has never been this easy and comprehensive.

inFURno! can be downloaded here:

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