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Good News Dec. 2023


New laws and policies are coming out in support of animals every day!

Read all the good news here!

Good News Dec. 2023


11/18/23- Carriage Driver Charged After Forcing Elderly Horse To Work To Point Of Collapse On Hot NYC Street. Manhattan, NY – An elderly horse named Ryder was forced to pull a carriage on a hot August day in Manhattan. The senior horse, underweight and overheated, collapsed on the pavement and could not get back to his feet for nearly an hour. 55-year-old Ian McKeever repeatedly tried to force him to stand by pulling on the reins, yelling, and using a whip. On November 15th he was charged with abuse. -Animal Victory

11/17/23- After hearing from PETA, the Army yanked its funding for this cruel experiment at Wayne State University apparently SIX MONTHS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE, preventing 48 ferrets from being bombarded with radio waves supposedly to study Havana syndrome. - PETA

11/9/23- Outerwear and footwear brand Pajar Canada has confirmed that it no longer uses fur. This move follows years of pressure from PETA and our supporters. -PETA

11/7/23- Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, who appeared in the 2020 Netflix docuseries “Tiger King,” has pleaded guilty to wildlife trafficking and money laundering charges, according to federal court records. Antle, 63, who is not the first figure from “Tiger King” to face criminal charges, admitted in court to directing the sale or purchase of two cheetah cubs, two lion cubs, two tigers and one juvenile chimpanzee – all of which are protected under the Endangered Species Act, the US Attorney in South Carolina said in a news release. “Antle used bulk cash payments to hide the transactions and falsified paperwork to show non-commercial transfers entirely within one state. Antle also requested that payments for endangered species be made to his nonprofit so they could appear as ‘donations’,” the release said. – CNN

10/10/23- After hearing from PETA and more than 60,000 of our members and supporters regarding notorious Iditarod musher Dallas Seavey’s long record of cruel treatment of animals, American Pistachio Growers is no longer sponsoring him! Seavey epitomizes the animal abuse inherent in the Iditarod. Dogs he has forced to race have tested positive for opioids, his kennel was accused of killing dogs who weren’t fast or fit enough to compete, and a whistleblower reported finding dying puppies on his property. - PETA

10/7/23- Victory! Woman Sentenced to 5 Years of Prison Plus Fines for Shooting Her 2 Dogs With a BB Gun Repeatedly. We are absolutely thrilled to report one of the best court outcomes we’ve seen yet for one of the cases we’ve been working on. We wholeheartedly applaud the recent ruling in the case of two dogs who were shot repeatedly with a BB gun by their abusive guardian in Hernando County, Florida last year. – In Defense of Animals

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