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Help Ukraine

Animals & People

This list was generously provided by Happy Cow

As the situation in Ukraine becomes increasingly dire, people and animals need our support. Food and other resources are becoming scarce for those who remain in the country, while animal shelters are quickly becoming oversaturated with confused animals who do not understand what’s going on.

With so much uncertainty in the air, one of the quickest and most meaningful ways to offer support is to donate. Here are some ways we can support those in need.


We’ve compiled a list of accredited organizations that are helping the people and animals in Ukraine. These organizations are in need of funds. These organizations are providing support for the people of Ukraine.

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Save the Children

Save the Children is an international charity providing children with food, water, and safety.

Donate Here


Nova Ukraine

A non-profit, Nova Ukraine provides civilians with everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies.

Donate Here



Airbnb has pledged to temporarily house 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine and is looking for people to volunteer their homes.

Help Here

And these groups are on the ground in Ukraine for the animals.


Shelter Sirius

Located in the Kyiv region, Sirius is the largest shelter for homeless animals in Ukraine.

Donate Here


Shelter Ugolyok

Shelter Ugolyok serves as a sanctuary for both pets and farm animals.

Donate Here


Kyiv Animal Rescue Group

Kyiv Animal Rescue Group cares for animals in Ukraine that are in need.

Donate Here

These Ukrainian businesses are offering vegan food to their communities.


Mama Vegan

Kyiv-based delivery service Mama Vegan is currently working to provide food for those in need and asking for support. Find out how you can help on their Facebook page.



VegaRoom, a pet- and eco-friendly vegan restaurant in Lviv, is providing free vegan food to those who need it but need help with their food supply. Check out their Facebook page for more information.


Vegan Cafe

Located in Dnipropetrovsk, Vegan Cafe is providing food to the Ukrainian army and are asking for help, from donating certain products to assisting with cooking. Contact them via their Facebook page if you’re able to help.




Grateful Food

Lyutserna-based vegan manufacturer Grateful Food is also providing food to the Ukrainian army and are in need of ingredients. Find out how to donate on their Facebook page.

These veg restaurants have found creative ways to donate to Ukraine.


Veggie Galaxy

Cambridge, MA-based veg*n restaurant Veggie Galaxy promised to donate 100% of the sales from their Blue Plate Special—Chick’n Kyiv—to the International Rescue Committee, a group currently on the ground in Poland supporting displaced Ukrainian children and families.



Eden-A Vegan Cafe

The team at Eden, a vegan cafe in Scranton, PA, recently created a new smoothie that features the colors of the Ukrainian flag. All proceeds from its sales will go directly to a charitable organization that is helping Ukrainian refugees. Eden will also match the amount raised, thus doubling the donation.


SoCo Vedge

Vegan meal delivery service SoCo Vedge, a vegan delivery service in Narragansett, RI, began offering plant-based Holubtsi as an add-on to meals, raising more than $700 in under a week. They then matched the donation and sent $1,400 to United Help Ukraine.

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