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Business Directory


FVA believes that we should seek out and support our own local vegetarian and vegan (*) community, so if you know of a vegetarian or vegan business you'd recommend, please email



Curtis Whitwam *, (Tampa Bay Area)

Kristen Baker *(Tampa Bay Area), 607-761-7357

Maria Bolton *, Caricatures (Orlando), 407-325-4495

Nathan Miller *, (Tampa Bay Area)

Shelagh Inglesby * (St Petersburg), 352-573-8528




Bruce Jacobs, Esq  (Florida), Foreclosure Defense

Colleen Kasperek, PA *(Hernando County), 352-428-9345

Marcy LaHart, PA *( Gainesville) Florida Animal Lawyer, 352-545-7001

Mindi Lasley, PA * (Tampa), 813-873-9047

Neil Garfield, PA (Florida),  Foreclosure Defense,  

Rebein, Bangerter Rebein, PA (Tampa), 877-305-7285, Paul W Rebein

Richard M Georges, PA * (St Petersburg),  727-321-4420


Beauty Products

Sugar Glow Apothecary *(Sarasota),  Tatiana Millan

Body Rolling

Roll For Fitness * (Tampa Bay area),  239-253-3612, Emily Stein




Christina Raymond * (Quincy, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa, Sarasota), 813-205-7820

    [Nina will donate 20% of profits to FVA]



Business Consulting

Geoff Palmer * (Tampa Bay area),  855-293-5772


Simply Vegan Eats, *(Tampa Bay area), 727-916-0602, Tina Pascale 

The Twisted Vegan, *(Tampa Bay area), 813-297-6437, Shaphon E Quinland


Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Jodi Chemes, CPA, MST * (Tampa Bay area), 727-237-6223



Jauan Kelly, *(Tampa Bay area), 813-551-0773

The Twisted Vegan, *(Tampa Bay area), 813-297-6437, Shaphon E Quinland

Companion Animal Sitting

Absolute Pet Care & House Sitting * (Brandon/Riverview), 813-334-2776, Jojo Hulett

Love All Beings Pet Sitting * (Palm Harbor), 727-785-9963, Nina Perino



Unfettered Counseling & Brain Health Coaching *(Tampa Bay), 770-253-8614, Courtney Tiner, LMHC


Plant Based Dietitian *(Online),  Julieanna Hever, MS, RD

Plant Based Diabetes Educator *(Tampa Bay Area, Online), 727-758-3800, Jacinda Shapiro, RN, BSN, CDCES, PN1

Document Management

Document Advantage Corp * (Tampa Bay area), 866-367-3467 ext 1, Jana Offner Wiggins


Barnard Medical Center *(AZ CA CO DC DE FL GA IL IN IA MD MA MO NY OR PA TX VA WA) 202-527-7500

Faith Felder, MD *(Tampa Bay)  Tampa Heights Medical Center 813-872-8600

Happy Herbivore Plant-Based Doctors List

Henry Owens, MSHS *(St Pete) Evara Health Family Medicine 727-824-8181 

Jeffrey Hirschfield, MD *(St Pete) Pediatrics 727-381-4205 

Karna Patel, MD *(Tampa Bay) Family Medicine 813-844-4500

Michael Greger, MD  *(Nationwide) 

Michael Klapper, MD *(Nationwide)

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM, *(Nationwide), Dr Neal Barnard

Plant Based Doctors List

Plant Based Lifestyle Movement,  *(Tampa Bay), Dr Koushik R Reddy

Soham Patel, MD *(Wesley Chapel & Brandon), Endocrinology  813-670-3228

Syeda Rizvi, MD *(St Pete) General Practitioner 727-490-9096

Vegan Primary Care *(Nationwide), 727-222-3036,  Dr Scott Harrington



Dog Training

Dog-Eze Training Specialists * (Tampa Bay area), 813-681-7151, Nicole Shearer

Dog Walking

Kristin Baker (Seminole), 607-761-7357


Fitness Clothing

Fitness Candy *(Online, St Pete), Brie Inglesby 

General Contractor/Builder

Maria Stopa *(Ft Myers, SW FL), 239-222-4272



Hair Salon

Strands by Starr *(Palm Harbor) 727-517-6800, Niki Starr Winston

Lanyards & Necklaces

Pam Driggs * (Sarasota), 941-387-4499



Leadership Training

Dale Carnegie * (Tampa Bay area), 727-254-2537, Melanie Dodson

Key Associates, Inc * (Tampa Bay area), 813-831-9500, Mary Key, PhD


Vegan Health & Fitness * (Nationwide)




Momo Digital Design * (Tampa), 813-766-7667, Melissa Hodge




Attain Bliss *(St Petersburg Area), 727-851-6772, Jim Janolek

    [$10 off a regular priced massage for FVA members or will make $10 donation to FVA on their behalf]

Ayruvedic Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki * (Tampa Bay Area), 813-750-5575, Aysha Tenouri

Brenda Csik, LMT * (Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, Lakeland), 863-859-7964

Christina Raymond, LMT * (Quincy, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa, Sarasota), 813-205-7820

    [Nina will donate 20% of profits to FVA]

Massage Therapy by Amber * (Tampa, Brandon, Plant City, Lakeland), 813-763-9700, Amber Simpson

    [$10 off a regular priced massage for FVA members or will make $10 donation to FVA on their behalf]



Planet Vegan  V-2-V Business Network


Niki Winston *(Palm Harbor) 

Nutritional Supplements

Team Clean Machine * (Tampa), 855-293-5772, Geoff Palmer


Personal Trainer (Certified)

Christina Raymond * (Quincy, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa, Sarasota), 813-205-7820

Ellen Jaffe Jones *, Author, Speaker, Consultant (Bradenton) 941-704-1025

Geoff Palmer * (Tampa Bay area),  855-293-5772

Maria Bott * (Tampa), 813-618-4464

Vegan Fit Jojo * (Tampa Bay area), 813-334-2776, Jojo Hulett




Sonal Creates Photography * (Tampa), Sonal Mehta

Susie's Paradise Portraits * (Sarasota), 941-321-7924, Susie Chinn




Chestnuts: Christina Raymond * (Quincy, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Tampa, Sarasota), 813-205-7820

    Nina offers FVA members $1 off per pound resulting in $4/lb for small; $5/lb for medium; $6/lb for large

    Season is September thru November



Property Management

Brenda McGehee  * (Tampa Bay area), 813-545-1660



Real Estate

Brittany Livingston *(Tampa Bay area), 813-245-4337

Charles Rumph *(Tampa Bay area) 813-733-1834

Debbie Small * (Tampa Bay area), 727-599-4958

Ellen Jaffe Jones, *(Sarasota), 941-704-1025

JoJo Hulett, *(Brandon, Seffner, Riverview, Valrico) 813-334-2776

Kristen Mendez * (Tampa Bay area), 727-314-2696

Maria Stopa *(Ft Myers, SW FL), 239-222-4272

Mary Claire Burris * (Tampa Bay area) 727-798-2435

Nadia Tenouri, LLC * (Tampa Bay area) 813-704-3132

Pamela Bickett  (Largo, Seminole & Beaches), 727-560-9153





3 Dot Dash Vegan Kitchen *(Tampa) 813-675-4522

Crop Juice *(Bradenton), 941-358-8182 Karen Odierna

Crop Juice *(Sarasota), 941-923-8640  Karen Odierna

Dandelion Communitea Cafe * (Orlando), 407-362-1864

Daya * (Orlando), 407-636-9461

Dixie Dharma *(Orlando), 407-613-5968

Ethos Vegan Kitchen * (Orlando), 407-228-3898, Laina & Kelly Shockley

Freya's Diner *(St Pete)  Celine Duvoisin 

Garden Cafe * (Orlando), 407-999-9799

Golden Dinosaur *(Pinellas) 727-873-6901

HaleLife Bakery *(St Pete, Carrollwood, S Tampa)  

Iceman's Vegan Bakery & Cafe, *(Tampa) 

Just 4 U Vegan * (Tampa), 813-900-5341, Garrett Townsend

Lotus Vegan Restaurant * (Pinellas Park), 727-549-1688

Love Food Central *(Pinellas), 727-317-2034

Loving Hut * (Orlando), 407-894-5673

Loving Vegan Market & Cuisine * (Orlando), 407-790-7642

Nana's Restaurant *(Tampa) 813-252-6548

Oopsy Daisy *(Tampa & Worldwide), Contact Form

Peace & Plants Hippie Bakery  *(Palm Harbor) Niki Winston 

Simply Vegan Eats *(Tampa Bay Area) 727-916-0602

Squeeze Juice Works *(St Pete) 675 30th Ave N 727-821-1095

Squeeze Juice Works *(St Pete) 18 22nd St S 727-324-3039

Stacy's Gluten-Free Goodies *(Tampa), 813-477-4247

Sunflour Bakery *(Orlando), 407-603-6830, Vanja Grbic

The Kind Biscuit *(Tampa Bay area), James Gaetano & Jill Smith 

The Poppin Vegan *(Brandon, Tampa Bay area) 813-394-1200, Harland Hill 

The Twisted Vegan, *(Tampa Bay area), 813-297-6437, Shaphon Quinland

Valhalla Bakery * (Orlando), 407-505-9661, Celine Mariah Duvoisin

Vegan Cafe Jax, *(Jacksonville) 904-581-9226, Mat Bardroff

Vine Vegan *(Brandon) 813-939-8463 Danielle

Voodoo Vegan Bistro *(Tampa) 813-616-4422


Running Coach

Ellen Jaffe Jones *, Author, Speaker, Consultant (Bradenton) 941-704-1025




Pam Driggs * (Sarasota), 941-387-4499

    (25% of commission will be donated to FVA)



Self Healing

Sophia's Soul Care *(Orlando), 407-369-2600, Sophia Seeramlal, M Ed

Shopping App

InFURno * (Nationwide) iPhone/iPad App, Jessica Young




Pixie Soap * (Tampa Bay area), Amanda & Randy

Sugar Glow Apothecary *(Sarasota),  Tatiana Millan




Bordo * (St Pete), 727-317-3741, Agi Rice

Epiphany Rejuenation Sanctuary * (Sarasota), 941-400 6337, Natasha Crow

Intuitive Touch Health & Beauty *(Tampa)  813-445-9335. Darla Mae Schlauch




Animal Coalition of Tampa (ACT) *, (Tampa) 813-250-3900, Linda Hamilton

Mercy Full Project , (Tampa) 813-836-0711, Heydi Acuna

Meow Now * (Pinellas) 727-203-5255, Cathy Unruh

Stop Pet Overpopulation Together (SPOT) *, (St Pete) 727-329-8657, Pam Borres




Fancy Candy *, (Online, St Pete), Brie Inglesby 

JAGs Dharma Collective, (Online),407-923-9711,  James Gaetano



Tree Service

Happy's Tree Service *. 727-365-1803, Steven Goodell



Vegan Coach

Ellen Jaffe Jones *, Author, Speaker, Consultant (Bradenton) 941-704-1025

Geoff Palmer * (Tampa Bay area),  855-293-5772

Julieanna Hever, MS, RD (Online) 

Maria Bott * (Tampa), 813-618-4464


Vegan Food Delivery

MamaSezz *(anywhere in USA), 800-212-8913, Meg Donahue & Lisa Lorimer

Nourish Delivered * (anywhere in USA), 855-442-3663, Julia Simon

Veestro * (anywhere in USA), 855-434-2328, Monica Klausner

                    Use Code VHF20 to get 20% off




Fairbanks Animal Hospital * (Winter Park), 407-644-9494, Randall Cannon, DVM

Vet With Hart House Call Practice (Tampa Bay), 727-698-4425, Hillary Hart, DVM



Web Design

Christina Creative Design * (Tampa), Christina Arasmo

Momo Digital Design * (Tampa), 813-766-7667, Melissa Hodge




Maria Bott  * (Tampa), 813-618-4464

Peaceful Warrior SUP Yoga * (St Pete), 727-798-2435, Mary Claire Burris

Tree House Yoga  (Tampa), 813-932-5456, Elizabeth Holland

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