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Florida Voices for Animals (FVA) is a local 501c(3), non-profit, animal-rights organization servicing west and central Florida.  We are based in the Tampa Bay area.  Our two primary mission statements are to educate the public about the abuses that animals go through (and what the public can do to help) and to promote the awesome health benefits of veganism lifestyle.


Veganism is not a diet.  It is a lifestyle.  Veganism enables you to exist on this earth without causing the torture or death of animals.  It is truly the most compassionate way to live your life.  Your conscience will thank you every time you eat a meal.  Your body will reward you with less healh problems and better body dynamics.   Veganism is easy these days due to the many transition products, e.g,  Daiya Cheese, Amy's Vegan Pizza, Tofu Pups (vegan hot dog), Boca Burger, Gardein Burger.  Replace honey with Agave Nectar and the busy bees will thank you.

Rid yourself of all animals products like leather, fur, wool.  Read labels to ensure that there are no animal ingredients.  Purchase products which are not tested on animals.  So you see what we mean by a lifestyle.


FVA Objectives:

· Expose animal abuse

· Promote healthy lifestyle and veganism (

· Contribute reward money to help find and convict animal abusers

· Promote Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate & Return (TNVR)  of feral cats

· Promote wildlife and habitat protection and ecological consciousness

· Distribute educational materials and video documentaries on animal abuse

· Promote consumer awareness and encourage cruelty-free living

· Promote humane and accurate, scientific alternatives to animal experiments

· Organize grassroots campaigns to mobilize animal protection actions


Animals have rights which are denied them by law and in daily life. They experience both physical  pain and psychological fear and suffering. Simply because they are different from humans, they are enslaved, mutilated and slaughtered. Animals are not ours to use, abuse and discard. Dominion over animals means responsible care—not domination. Which animals suffer?  Practically all of them.

FVA Board of Directors:



Myriam Parham - President

Kim Gronemeyer - Vice President/Secretary

Trevor Chin - Treasurer

Brittany Livingston

Suzanne House

Laura Weiss

Amber Simpson

Laura Pennington



Susannah Sherman

Tom Bird

Brian Brown

Maria Bott

Melissa Zepeda

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