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Pre-Pay is closed

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How can I volunteer for this event?

Please email us at (We absolutely need MORE volunteers!!)


2.      Do I need to bring cash money or my credit card to the event?

There will be fund raising activates during this event to offset expenses:

a.      Raffle prizes: Auctioning gift cards, event passes, etc. Cash and credit cards accepted.

b.      50/50 Raffle: Raffle for a pot of money, half goes to the winner and half toward event expenses. Cash and credit cards accepted.

c.       Also wine and beer will be served for a suggested donation- Cash Only!


3.      Can I donate something to be included in with the Raffle prizes?

a.       YES, if you would like to donate please contact us at


4.      Do I need to bring a dish?

a.        No, you can pay extra if you do not bring a dish (suggested donations listed in question #13).


5.      If I paid to bring a dish, what are the requirements?

a.       The dish should serve at least 8+ people or 16+ for couples.

b.      All ingredients must be vegan! NO EXCEPTIONS! Non-vegan food will not be placed on buffet line.


6.      What type of dish should I bring?

a.       It is not necessary to bring these items: Tofurkey, Field Roast, Uncle Mince’s World Famous Seitan because these items have been donated already.

b.      You can bring: entrees, desserts, side dishes, appetizers, fruit or veggie bowls, drinks.


7.  Do I need to tell you what food I’m bringing?

a.       No, there will be a variety of food and everyone is free to bring whatever they choose, as long as it is Vegan.


8.  Will there be free parking?

a.       Yes, parking is free, but is limited so carpooling is encouraged. 

b.      PLEASE DO NOT walk along the driveway in front of facility, as it is very dangerous for both those driving and the pedestrians. It also slows traffic into the event. After parking, cross over the driveway, out of the way of the cars!


9.  What can I do to expedite the process and reduce my waiting time in line?

a.       Bring a card listing all of the ingredients in your dish.

b.      Label all of your serving containers and utensils! All of your dishes and utensils must have your name on them, including covers!

c.       Have each guest print, sign and bring the waiver to the event. This makes the lines quicker and easier for everyone involved! Find the waiver on


10.  Can I bring food home?

a.       No, personal dinnerware or to-go containers are NOT permitted.


11.  Do I need to bring my own plates and eating utensils?

a.       No. Bringing your own plates is NOT permitted. Reusable plates & utensils will be provided.


12.  Are there any changes in the check-in process from previous years?

a.       Yes. This year, as last year, the line will start on the back side of the Dome near the kitchen because of food drop-off. This will help the line flow more efficiently and make dropping off food easier.

b.      Blue tokens will be distributed at registration for the first time you go through the food line.

c.       If you pre-paid, you need to know the name of the person who your group is registered under when you check in. We can only look up payments by the name of the person who paid.


13.      How much does it cost to attend the ThanksVegan event?

$7.50- Adult with a dish (Prepaid)

$21- Adult without dish (Prepaid)

$15- Adult with a dish (at the Door)

$30- Adult without dish (at the Door)

(For pricing for kids, seniors, students or volunteers, visit and see the drop down options menu on the main page above “Add to Cart”)


14.      Do I need to pre-pay for this event?

a.       It is preferred for you to pre-pay because:

           i.      It helps us to know how many tables and chairs to rent

           ii.      It helps us to know the amount of supplementary food to order (e.g. desserts, drinks, etc.)

b.      Pre-paid participants get priority on the food line. Pay-at-the-door participants will wait until all pre-paid participants go through the food line first.

c.       Pre-pay guarantees you a seat! The event has limited occupancy, so if you show up at the door and capacity has been filled, you will be turned away! Secure your spot by pre-paying now.

d.      If you do not pre-pay, the price is much higher at the door (see question #2).


15.      How do I pre-pay for more than one person?

a.       Under the “OPTIONS” drop down box, click the arrow and highlight the option you choose.

b.      Click on “Add To Cart”.

c.       To add the number of people you want in that category, click “+” under the “Quantity” tab.

d.      To add people to another category, click on “Continue Shopping” on the top right corner.

e.       Choose the category you want, and repeat as needed.

f.       Then checkout and PAY the suggested donation.


Please visit the links below of our amazing sponsor companies who so generously donated product to enjoy at the event.

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