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Updated: Jan 11

A huge Thanks to all our 12th Annual Tampa Bay VegFest® volunteers!

We could not have done this without you! Your dedication and commitment to help wherever needed was vital to this year’s TBVF success!

Kasia Adamietz

Selma Algur

Margo B

Kristen Baker

Nylah Baksh

Al Belizaire

Jayln Bethune

Lisa Billirakis

Martha Bolton

Maria Bott

Suzanne Bourdeau

Elisa Burgos

Tom Bird

Brian Brown

Anne Marie Cancio

Colette Chin

Trevor Chin

Olivia Conway

Annika Davis

Deb DelSole

Walter DLima

Laura Dougherty

Joy Dresser

Rebecca Dyda

Ted Ellquist

Vegan Evan

Laura Fajardo

Miriam Fernandez

Christine Ferro

Royal Flu

Shari Freiheit

Marie Galbraith

Samantha Genske-Condon

Suzy Gereg

Ron Gray

Jessica Greene

Timaree Hagenburger, RD

Brent Hall & Dani Hall

Betty Hastings

Colton  Herman

Harland Hill

Suzanne House

Gail Howell

Cassidy Hull

Corrie James

Jeremy Johnson

Denise Joiner

Clayman Kidd

Diane Koon

Demetria Laousis

Chris Lichfoldt

Patsy Little

Brittany Livingston

Marie Mahovetz

James  Maloy

Jordan  Marquis

Florence Marsan

Syreeta McDonald

Rebecca Morris

Cory Mustain

Marcielly Nascimento

Emily Newberger

Sara Newberger

Mikael Nielsen

 Adam Orenstein

Myriam Parham

Giovanni Pasquale

Laura Pennington

Nina Perino

Richard Rodney

Michele Root

Andrea Schleicher

Erotida Sevo

Cade Shapiro

Jacinda Shapiro

Spencer Sherman

Susannah Sherman

Irina Shulgesterova

Amber Simpson

Esteffani Tacuba

Aisha Taylor

Merideth Tenouri

Nadia Tenouri

Annie Trognitz

Balinda Walker

Laura Weiss

Cate White

Amy Whitfield

Molly Whitfield

Lisa Wilkes

Johnna Young

Yoga Area:

Jenny, Jess, Maryann, Wes, Christine & Alana


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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