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Good News - 2nd Quarter 2023


Historic legislation suggests big changes are coming for the animals! Read all the good news here!

4/12/23- BREAKING NEWS: It's a great day for guinea pigs! Historic legislation to ban the retail sale of guinea pigs passed in the NYC Council yesterday by a supermajority vote of 42-7! Guinea pigs will still be available for adoption at shelters and rescues, but will no longer be sold as irresponsible impulse buys at pet shops once the bill is signed into law by the Mayor. - NYCLASS

4/12/23- In a MASSIVE VICTORY FOR PIGS, PATIENTS, AND PHYSICIANS, PETA has forced the University of Tennessee College of Medicine (UTCOM) in Chattanooga to STOP mutilating and killing animals for surgical and emergency medical training. – PETA

4/5/23- Philadelphia Set to Become The First City in the United States to Replace Horse Carriages With Electric Carriages and eliminate the use of horses once and for all. Eric Lerner, Chief Operating Officer of Brady Hunter Foundation, and Josh Fox, Executive Director of Brady Hunter Foundation, have offered to provide Philadelphia with electric carriages from creator Alphonso Hernandez Olmo, with a guarantee from City Councilman Mark Squilla to introduce legislation for a ban this year. According to Lerner, this important move will demonstrate that horses can be retired while also reviving economic opportunities for horse carriage workers. - World Animal News

4/27/23- Criminal Charges Dismissed Against Women Who Fed Stray Cats! This month, prosecutors stated they will stop pursuing charges for two women who were arrested just for feeding stray cats in Wetumpka, Alabama in June. The duo, Beverly Roberts and Mary Alston, are known in the area for feeding the cats and helping to get them spayed or neutered. – Lady Freethinker

4/28/23- Victory for Primates in Laboratories! For years, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has fought to improve minimum standards for the psychological well-being of primates used in biomedical research. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has failed to act. Now, in a remarkable ruling, a federal judge has found that the agency acted unlawfully when it denied our coalition’s legal petition.- Animal Legal Defense Fund

4/28/23- Victory Over Government’s Preferential Treatment for Factory Farms! Since 2016, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) has exempted “medium-sized” factory farms — defined as confining up to 125,000 chickens, 55,000 turkeys, 2,500 pigs, 1,000 cows raised for slaughter, or 700 cows raised for dairy production — from environmental impact review or community feedback before providing them with taxpayer-subsidized loans. This month, a federal court ruled that the FSA must conduct an environmental impact review before extending loans to these facilities. - Animal Legal Defense Fund

5/11/23- SUPREME COURT VICTORY! California’s Proposition 12 Upheld!

May 11 is officially a historic day for farmed animals and California voters! The Supreme Court of the United States upheld Proposition 12. In the state of California, this important law ...

• Protects pregnant pigs from extreme confinement, including banning gestation crates

• Bans veal crates for calves

• Bans battery cages for egg-laying hens

• Prohibits the sale of products from such inhumane practices

Today’s Supreme Court ruling not only protects vulnerable farmed animals in California but also affirms the rights of California voters to reject these cruel practices.- Farm Sanctuary

6/21/23 – USDA approves first 'lab-grown' meat to be sold to the public! The U.S. government is approving lab-grown meat sales to the public for the first time.

"Cultivated" meat producers UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat received approval from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) to begin commercially selling their chicken products. – FOX Business

6/20/23- Canada Officially Bans Cosmetic Animal Testing and Trade! The fight for cruelty-free beauty in Canada has seen a significant breakthrough as the Canadian government legislates a full ban on cosmetic animal testing and trade.

This landmark decision is part of the Budget Implementation Act (Bill C-47), not only prohibiting cosmetic animal testing but also putting an end to the sale of cosmetics that use new animal testing data for safety substantiation. It additionally clamps down on false or misleading labeling related to animal testing in cosmetics. – One Green Planet

6/22/23- For the first time in recent history, the White House is hosting a state dinner that's entirely plant-based: no meat, no dairy and no eggs. That's thanks to the guest of honor, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is a strict vegetarian. The gala dinner for 400 VIP guests on Thursday night is the highlight of Modi's visit in Washington, one that's had high stakes as the White House works to strengthen its ties with India. – NPR

6/28/23- South Korean lawmaker introduces Special Act to ban dog meat industry, hailed as “historic day for animal welfare” by HSI/Korea - Humane Society International / South Korea

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