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New Toll Roads Will Kill Wildlife

More than 50 Florida environmental groups have joined together to stop the unneeded and unwanted toll roads plan that has been proposed by some Florida legislators. The plan would build more than 300 miles of via three toll roads through rural areas of Florida, in some of our state’s most remote and environmentally sensitive areas. This reckless proposal would be a “disaster” for the endangered Florida panther as well all the wildlife living in these areas.

Despite claims by several legislators, Florida’s Department of Transportation and engineering companies (that stand to make millions on government contracts from the projects), the reality is that there is no data to support a need for these toll roads. Proper environmental impact studies have not even been conducted for these plans. The recent hearings by FDOT were insufficient to allow proper public opinions on this matter.

Not all of the rural areas affected want or need these roads, but incentives are being offered to entice the local residents who may oppose them. Once these high-speed roads are built, these areas are likely to increase sprawl and our already threatened wildlife will be permanently and adversely impacted. Please send your letter to FDOT & your Legislators and tell them why you oppose the building of these toll roads. For more information: FDOT's Heartland Parkway 2007 study No Roads to Ruin Campaign "No Roads to Ruin" Facebook No Roads to Ruin Fact Sheet Keep safe everyone and looking forward to seeing everyone again soon! Thanks for your help. Florida Voices for Animals 727-656-8368

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