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Thanks for your service! Diane Koon – 15+ years!

“I am proud of the work I have done on behalf of the animals and Florida Voices for Animals. It has been a pleasure being a part of the FVA board. I am so proud of all we have accomplished, and I have no doubt the board will continue these successes in the future. The mission of FVA is one I am very passionate about. I want to thank you and the board for your friendship and support over the years. I have acquired lifetime friendships and incredible experiences that I have learned so much from.” – Diane Koon

As Diane retires from her professional career, she also retires from the FVA board of directors after 15 years of dedication and service. Diane served in many capacities: as Vice-president, Secretary, Tampa Bay Veg Fest organizer for most of the past Veg Fests and much more. She was frequently the creative force behind some of our billboards, signs, banners, and ads, and helped organize many tabling events and protests against every animal cruelty imaginable, including: use of furs, animals in circuses, animals for research, entertainment, dog, and horse racing and more. She spoke up at public hearings to help stop greyhound racing, against the sales of puppy mill dogs, anti-tethering bills, and most recently, against the retail sale of rabbits.

Diane helped organize park and beach cleanups, got FVA to adopt Al Lopez Park for our quarterly cleanups, and helped plan movie showings, as well as many picnics and fun events to recognize some of our volunteers. She is the face of a true hero and activist for the animals. Rain, cold or shine never deterred her. Diane was frequently the first to arrive and the last to leave our events, as she usually helped with planning, set-up, and cleanup. As president and co-founder of FVA, I can truly say that Diane is one of the best and most dedicated activists I have ever known.

Diane, you are a lifetime friend to us and the animals. I know we will still see you at many of our future events. It has been an honor to have you lead and stand for the animals beside us. – With deep gratitude from all of us at FVA.

- Myriam Parham

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