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Youth Activist of the Year- Vegan Evan!

“A Natural Born Activist”

At our 28th Annual Have A Heart, we had the honor of continuing the tradition of recognizing extraordinary activists in our community who have gone beyond the call of duty. This year, the honor of ‘Youth Activist of the Year’ was bestowed on none other than our good friend, Vegan Evan. Vegan Evan (or Evan Blair formally), has been an animal rights activist since the moment he was born it seems! He is a passionate and talented young advocate who has been the recipient of countless awards already. A long-time public figure, Vegan Evan has emceed several Veg Fests, is the World’s Youngest Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator, and was recently sent to Scotland with his family by FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) for COP 26, with large banners stating “Eating Animals Kills Our Planet.”

He has long been a voice for the animals, no matter where he is! He participates regularly in outreach leafletting, protesting, marches, rescuing animals, cooking demos, disruptions, making videos, and even performing his own raps! And all at the age of 12!! Florida Voices for Animals is proud to have such a young active advocate who appreciates the utmost importance of speaking up for the voiceless. We are so proud of Vegan Evan and are sure he is an inspiration for younger generations to get more involved in the movement!

- Brittany Livingston

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