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FVA’s 2023 Youth Animal Hero: Brynley Lavayen!

FVA’s 2023 Youth Animal Hero: Brynley Lavayen!

When FVA reached out on social media to obtain nominations for our 2023 animal hero award, we NEVER expected to get one this impressive or this young! EIGHT-year-old Brynley Lavayen was nominated by her proud mother, Heather. She shared that Brynley is a HUGE vegan and animal rights advocate who is always doing amazing things for animals. She was even PETA-Kid's, All Star for Animals, winner in 2021 and recently advanced to the state competition for her vegan-themed PTA Reflections entries as well. After the wildfires in Hawaii this year, Brynley wanted to help animals that were affected, so she started making and selling necklaces to raise money for two Maui animal rescues: the Good Cat Network and Leilani Farm Sanctuary. The Good Cat Network rescues cats and kittens from Maui and puts them into good homes on the mainland since Maui is overcrowded with feral cats. And Leilani Farm Sanctuary rescues both cats AND farm animals. Get this: Brynley raised over 11-hundred dollars in just a few months! She also expanded her mission to include an animal rescue in the Gaza Strip. If that wasn’t enough, each year for her birthday, Brynley collects donations for two local sanctuaries (Peacefield Farm Sanctuary and Florida Rescue Farm). She also volunteers at Peacefield and works at spreading awareness in her school and dance studio. Who knew we had such an amazing youth animal hero, right here, in our community! Someone who not only RECOGNIZES when animals need help, but DOES something about it! This is the future of veganism and animal rights! Thank you Brynley Lavayen for being our 2023 Youth Animal Hero!


-         Kimberly Gronemeyer

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