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Marie Galbraith Retires from FVA Board after Many Years of Passionate and Dedicated Activism for FVA

Marie served on our board from 1/3/2004 to 2/1/2023, almost 20 years! For most of these years she faithfully served as our Treasurer. She was diligent in protecting our funds and keeping and reporting accurate records. She kept all our bills paid in a timely manner ensuring we maintained all the legal requirements of a non-profit organization including filing our annual tax reports.

Marie has been one of the most active members FVA has ever had. She has one of the best attendance records of all our members and probably has come to almost every single event we’ve had during her tenure as a board member. This includes protests, tablings, speaking at public hearings, park cleanups, board meetings and social events. Marie was also willing to speak to the media at our events, when approached, and always gave thoughtful answers and quotes that were aired. Everyone who knows Marie respects and appreciates her. She always speaks powerfully, yet gently and from the heart. You can count on her to give you an honest opinion on anything, even if the topic is controversial or not popular. I will always count on Marie to give me an honest answer to anything I need an opinion on.

In Marie’s own words:

“FVA’s mission about educating the public of all ‘animal abuse and exploitation’ is one I am very much in line with personally and believe one that deserves the full attention of every board member. Thanks to FVA, I was able to learn and speak to others concerning animal issues, which I had not voiced previously.”

“I am not leaving FVA so I will be available to attend some events whenever possible, and am one phone call, text, or email away if any questions arise that need my input.” NOTE: We frequently still reach out to Marie for a lot of information. Her long years with FVA and her expertise are extremely valuable and helpful to all of us. Not sure how or when, if ever, we will totally manage without her!

“I have made lifelong friends and want to thank FVA for experiences throughout the years that have helped me grow as an individual. I realize it is time for me to retire from the board, not from the animals, so others can join and bring FVA current ideas to continue its especially important work for the animals.”

Marie, you will always be a great resource for FVA and a great friend to all of us and the animals. – Myriam Parham

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